PINNED: Journeying Through The Cosmos Within

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks within, awakens.” — Carl Jung

When I think of the beginning of the me now, I think of August 2015 and the 19-year-old silhouette of a girl waking from an uncomfortable economy class slumber.

As metal wings begin to alight into London Heathrow, she rubs the sleep in her swollen eyes away and begins to shift in her seat. She adjusts her awkwardly-worn shawl and she takes a peek out the window to marvel at the first light of sun slowly casting away the cloak of night.
It holds its hand out, inviting her to a new day (and a new chapter in her life).

This 19-year-old thought all she needed to do was get through three years of medical school, graduate with a second-upper (at least) and return home to get a job at the local hospital.

But actually, she won’t be able to get through her first year in the UK and will have to return back home sooner than she thought. She was actually going to relapse in depression and develop severe performance anxiety. She’ll fall back into loving theatre two years later and that will jumpstart a burning desire to help grow her creative community.

If I am being completely honest, I have no idea what this blog is or what it will entail. I just know I want to track my thoughts and feelings, share what I’ve learnt and (attempt to) laugh at how funny the human journey really is. I’m 24 now and it’s been 5 years since my ‘rebirth’ in the plane ride and since I’ve started this journey of self-reflection, self-discovery and self-awareness.

I’ve seen, grown into and grown out of different versions of myself in that time period too. Admittedly, sometimes I can’t help but think about all the things that happened in the past 5 years and all the things that “could have happened” (if that really is a thing).

So welcome to Sailor Psyche - a blog of self-reflection, self-discovery and self-awareness.

I admit this is actually an incredibly poor attempt at an introduction but I think it’s the best and most human rewrite I’ve had so far. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I’ll see you soon in the next post! :)

With love,




journeying through the cosmos within • a blog about self-reflection, self-awareness and self-discovery • 12 posts, 5132 words • 17B0206

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Sailor Psyche

Sailor Psyche

journeying through the cosmos within • a blog about self-reflection, self-awareness and self-discovery • 12 posts, 5132 words • 17B0206

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